General Advice

From a towbar installation point of view, the best advice that we can offer, is please don't leave it until the last minute! We are always surprised by the amount of customers who organise to have their new towbar fitted the afternoon before they have a 2 week towing holiday planned.
We would recommend having your towbar fitted in plenty of time before you intend to use it, and always test your trailer or caravan with the new towbar before you need to tow for real.

A Warning!

The use of a mobile towbar fitting outfit is not recommended as many do not have public liability insurance therefore, if there is a incident or accident you may well be left uninsured as a result.
Mobile fitting outfits who initially attend to fit the towbars and electrics to your vehicle often do not return to you if there is a problem. We on the other hand are always on site to honour our commitment to you, the customer.
We display our employers and public liabilities insurance certificate at our premises.

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